Jitka is a professional esthetician and makeup artist born in former  Czechoslovakia, currently living in New York City. 
Her education and experience began in her homeland, the Czech Republic, where she graduated from the prestigious cosmetology school of Hradec Kralove          in 1993, with concentrating on analysis of specific types of skin types, their problems and solutions. Then she continued education in various post graduation programs and events honing her craft to perfection.

   In the United States she continues in further education and in 2003 was awarded full scholarship to The Westmore Academy in Burbank, California, where she earned her certification as a professional makeup artist. 

   Her complete understanding of different skin types combined with her artistic eye and ability to connect with people provide the foundation for Jitka to bring skin to it’s full potential and on top of it create beautiful looks in a variety of contexts, from a haute couture photo shoot to a blushing bride’s special day.

Licensed in The Czech Republic and New York.   

At New Yorker Hotel, 481 Eighth Avenue, 5th Floor, Suite #510, NY 10001
By appointment only.
Phone: 201-892 1349      Email: jkluglova@hotmail.com

       Phone: 201-8921349